Why Can’t Things Stay the Same?

Macro Metal Cat by Ed Suominen licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Macro Metal Cat by Ed Suominen licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Let’s take the example of the board game Monopoly, which recently changed some of their pieces. It’s all so confusing to me. Why can’t things stay the same? Why mess with a something that’s not broken? I guess I’m talking about change. That dreaded word can also be a lot of fun depending how one looks at it. Plus, I love the cat.

Before I was born, eons ago, I think Monopoly used some pieces that I don’t even recall since they were changed out long ago. The dinosaur comes to mind. I think that would have been my favorite piece and one I would have wrestled away from my brother.

What’s next to go? The book. Do they have a book? If they do, keep it, it should be worth something in the future.

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Quotes for Intellectuals to Ponder



WP1So the Anonymous source is moi but I’m guessing you’ve figured that out by now. These quotes were made by a ¬†great app, Quozio, which I discovered through RachelintheOC.com. She’s also the famous Twitter #MondayBlogs creator. ¬†For all you intellectuals, I hope you’re pondering

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What It Feels Like to Get Published

The Lonely Walk by Vinoth Chandar licensed by CC BY 2.0

The Lonely Walk by Vinoth Chandar licensed by CC BY 2.0

When you’re writing a short story, you’re alone with only imagination. Mine runs wild so it took some discipline. I find the writing easier than the editing. Did I mention the editing? Oh, so dreary. It goes on and on and on. When do you stop? I gave my story to several readers I trust and received wonderful feedback.

The Flying Jezebel by Ajith U licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Flying Jezebel by Ajith U licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Then the story turns into a real story, it emerges, and you know you have something. I took a chance and submitted it. It got published. My first work. A horror story of all things. I didn’t know I had it in me to write that genre. It was fun…only once I felt it was complete. I think I could have edited the story until it wasn’t my story at all so I had to know when to stop.

Another Catch by Frederic licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Another Catch by Frederic licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

After it was published, I realized there was a cherished publishers credit to be used on a short bio. Hooray! I was ecstatic, pleased, awed, happy, and all the good things one feels when they have done something they’ve always dreamed of doing. Now for more and better writing.

How did you feel when you publish or how do you feel you’re doing on a work you want to publish?




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North Carolina Madness

ncI live about 45 minutes northeast of Charlotte, North Carolina. I don’t care for it. I live in a rural area where you can actually see cows. People ride their tractors on the main streets. All of this annoys me to no end. I’ve lived most of life in Los Angeles and you don’t see this stuff unless you go to a zoo or a tractor museum. Here’s the odd things…

The picture above shows a grave site but all the flowers are either plastic or silk. You’re not allowed to have real flowers. So the flower shops all sell plastic. Also, the headstones have phosphorous in them and they appear to glow in the dark. Really freaky.

No one says, “Hi” here. Rather, they say “Hey” to you as a greeting. When I first moved here a guy said “hey.” I had just parked so I thought maybe I was in a handicapped spot or my tire was flat so I rushed back to my car. I yelled at him. “What do you mean?” He said “hey” again. A friend told me that’s what everyone does here, it’s friendly and it means “hello.” More confusion.

I wonder if I’ll ever see the movie


“Rural Juror” with Jenna Maroney. It might make me feel better…

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The Tragic Story of Me

armbandI’m starting my pre-op for a partial knee replacement, which will take place next Tuesday, March 4th. I’ve had 9 previous knee surgeries and I’m really ready to have surgery. However, the pre-operative stuff is quite disturbing. I have to shower twice a day with something that looks like cherry cough syrup, feels like cherry cough syrup, and doesn’t lather. Am I clean? I don’t think so. It’s a trick and the hospital will charge an extra $2000 for this procedure. After all, don’t doctors have to put their kids through college?

leg1It’s difficult to see because I’m white from winter but my existing scar is twelve inches long. Here’s another view:

kneeI know, my legs don’t appear to be great. That’s okay, they will once the sun comes out. Well, maybe they’ll just look a bit nicer. Sorry, I got side tracked. I was just excited to post pictures, perhaps photos of ships would have been better.

After my expensive shower, they have instructed me to put an antibiotic up my nose. Not thrilled with this, it feels weird, and I can taste it. It’s an ointment too so it’s sticky. I’m sure the doctor can put another child through private school with the cost of this since it makes no sense. I’ve never had to wash with cherry cough syrup or cram ointment up my nose for surgery. But then again, I’ve never had a partial knee replacement. I wonder what they have you do for a total knee?




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Bad in Seattle

Panorama: Before Sunrise In Seattle. Photo Copyright Peter West Carey Photography @ http://peterwestcarey.com, licensed by (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

Panorama: Before Sunrise In Seattle. Photo Copyright Peter West Carey Photography @ http://peterwestcarey.com, licensed by (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

When I was ten years old and my brother was seven, my grandfather decided to send for us so we could visit with him and my grandmother in Seattle. We had never been on an airplane before and Gramps had a yacht, which was great fun. We looked forward to our summer trips to rainy, beautiful Washington State.

However, we were around old people all day, so my brother and I got bored at times. This was true especially when it was rainy and we couldn’t get out of their penthouse apartment. So we devised some great ideas that we didn’t want the grandparents to know about.

One of them was to go out onto the balcony and wait until someone walked by the apartment building. The building had an intercom system to buzz open the door for visitors. My brother would run inside when someone was close to the door. I placed myself at my grandparents intercom. As soon as a person was near the apartment, we would push the ‘speak’ button and say things like “Help us, we’re trapped here.” Then we would both race outside and look over the balcony to see the stranger staring at the front doors. It was a constant source of amusement until grandma caught us.

When we got bored on the boat my brother came up with the brilliant idea of using the Ship to Shore radio. We were forbidden to go anywhere near this so, of course, we did. I was the lookout for this activity and when all was clear my brother would click the button on the handheld microphone and say “SOS, SOS, we need help.” Grandpa caught us this time and clearly, this was a bad idea.

However, most of the time was wonderful and I still love Seattle to this day even though my grandparents have passed away. My memories of being there with my brother will always be with me and all the crazy things we did to pass the time were fantastic. Even if we were a little bad in Seattle.

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Why Can’t Life Be a Tree?



No one gave me the instruction manual for life.

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