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My Amazing Brain

My Amazing Brain is just that, super amazing, super awesome, and completely insane. Let me just give you a few examples of how it works. First, I got caught up watching the cutest kitten video on Facebook. Then secondly, I decided to blog and save … Continue reading

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Creative Commons Heroes

When I first started blogging I didn’t realize that I couldn’t go into Google Images and download any picture I wanted to use on my blog. Sure this is easy but many of those images are copyrighted and using them without permission … Continue reading

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Telling Stories Through Case Studies

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
If you enjoy helping people tell their stories, case studies might be a good fit for your writing business. Companies seek professional writers (and pay well) for these effective marketing tools…

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On Being Adopted

I have always known I was adopted. My brother is also adopted. My mother use to pull out a lock box from her closet, take out our adoption papers, and spread them over her bed. We’d all get on the … Continue reading

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Where Do You Go When You Die if You Don’t Believe in God?

I posed this question, which I found on Yahoo Questions, to some of my friends on Facebook. I got a couple of interesting answers, which made me think about the question   on a deeper level. It’s especially interesting since … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

I really dislike Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday made up by greeting card companies in order to make more money. Just like Grandparents Day and Oh, Happy Winter Solstice Day. All of these are just another day. Unless you’re single. … Continue reading

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Come on, WordPress… we got 20,000 comments on one post without going viral or being negative… give us some love!!!

Originally posted on Pouring My Art Out:
People! Join the revolution! Put your name in the history books. ***REBLOG THIS POST*** Let’s send a message to WordPress. We are the ones who make this work. Without us, WordPress is a…

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