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I'm a little crazy but who isn't? I enjoy writing about my many odd experiences and my perception is really altered by time, age, and drugs. Not really but it sounds cool. I'm from Los Angeles and moved to North Carolina. I don't like culture shock but it happens anyway.

My Amazing Brain

My Amazing Brain is just that, super amazing, super awesome, and completely insane. Let me just give you a few examples of how it works. First, I got caught up watching the cutest kitten video on Facebook. Then secondly, I decided to blog and save … Continue reading

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Letting Go

Letting go of someone seems like you’re living in an empty house. However, the emptiness either exists in your heart or your head or both. No one is there anymore. You’ve lost an important “something” in your life. Sometimes, it’s … Continue reading

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Knee Replacement and Physical Therapy

My partial knee replacement is about three weeks old. My scar requires some odd, brand new technology in order to smooth it out and make it heal better. It’s a silicone based transparent sticky strip that spends days over my … Continue reading

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Creative Commons Heroes

When I first started blogging I didn’t realize that I couldn’t go into Google Images and download any picture I wanted to use on my blog. Sure this is easy but many of those images are copyrighted and using them without permission … Continue reading

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The Biggest Lie You Can Tell Yourself

  What do you do when you find yourself alone? Sometimes, that sounds great doesn’t it? Especially if you’re a mother with lots of children running around or you have several jobs to pay the bills. Then time alone is a … Continue reading

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4 Bald Men

Who knew we’d get stalked by 4 bald men? When my friend Teresa and I were about 13 years old we use to sneak out at night and meet with two of our friends who lived down the street. Actually, … Continue reading

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Telling Stories Through Case Studies

Originally posted on Live to Write – Write to Live:
If you enjoy helping people tell their stories, case studies might be a good fit for your writing business. Companies seek professional writers (and pay well) for these effective marketing tools…

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