My Amazing Brain

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons under the Free Art License 1.3

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons under the Free Art License 1.3

My Amazing Brain is just that, super amazing, super awesome, and completely insane. Let me just give you a few examples of how it works. First, I got caught up watching the cutest kitten video on Facebook. Then secondly, I decided to blog and save my draft for tomorrow but got caught up looking at pictures, which included lots of kittens. C.) I found this simply fantastic photo of a light bulb with smoke coming out of it and decided it was a representation of what my brain is probably like most of the time. Should I go on? I can…but won’t bore you with the details. Wait! Look a shiny object just jumped by the window! Sorry, no, only a wildebeest traipsing through the front yard .

See how that light bulb is cracked, so is my amazing brain. It’s broken. I’m not on drugs but thanks for asking. I am however, a recovering drug addict but I don’t think that has anything to do with my brain being cracked. It’s that I’m cracked. I enjoy being a lot  little weird. Only the very best of us are. We get called names such as silly, crazy, weird, strange, odd, eccentric, bizarre, and the list goes on. I’m a firm believer that everyone has something that says, “hey, I am unique.”


I only added the above picture because I think it is a nifty graphic. “Imposter!” Sometimes I feel like an imposter. The feeling that my brain and my mind are two separate things leads me to question, “what is this thing, the brain?” and  “what is this thing, the mind?” (This is a huge philosophical conundrum and let’s not go down the fork of that dilemma for the time being). I’m just going to assume here that the mind and the brain are one and the same. That leads me to also assume that my mind is amazing as well! How cool is that? So all those feelings I have are also pretty damn amazing. In fact, thinking is damn amazing and fantastic as well. I am a conscious creature in a not so perfect world just try to be. And so are you. So is everyone. Think about that for a minute or two. We’re all just trying to be. How come it is that we have some many problems when we should be focusing on the joys of living?

Image provided by Wikimedia Commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

Image provided by Wikimedia Commons licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

If you simply cannot think of anything wonderful, helpful, or inspiring than the here’s a picture of a kitten. I’ll call her Princess Alexandria but you may call her whatever you like. I know several people with terminal illnesses that see the joy in the smallest of things. I don’t want to get sick before I discover BLISS, HOPE, FUN, LOVE, JOY, HYSTERICAL FITS OF LAUGHTER WITH FRIENDS and HAPPINESS (which by the way is not a destination but you find it along the road when you’re not looking) to name a few. So, check out your Amazing Brain and join the Club of Crazies and you’ll know you’ve found the yellow brick road…



About Cynthia

I'm a little crazy but who isn't? I enjoy writing about my many odd experiences and my perception is really altered by time, age, and drugs. Not really but it sounds cool. I'm from Los Angeles and moved to North Carolina. I don't like culture shock but it happens anyway.
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6 Responses to My Amazing Brain

  1. I frequently get called all of those names above – and I love it! And my friends love it, we have so much fun being silly together!

  2. The brain is so complex, and you adding that graphic just makes it more so – yet as writers we do dwell on the mind even more…

  3. praw27 says:

    Love theLightbulb! Never feel alone, you have many kindred sisters, me included, and I’m proud of be a little off!

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