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The Tragic Story of Me

I’m starting my pre-op for a partial knee replacement, which will take place next Tuesday, March 4th. I’ve had 9 previous knee surgeries and I’m really ready to have surgery. However, the pre-operative stuff is quite disturbing. I have to … Continue reading

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Bad in Seattle

When I was ten years old and my brother was seven, my grandfather decided to send for us so we could visit with him and my grandmother in Seattle. We had never been on an airplane before and Gramps had … Continue reading

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Why Can’t Life Be a Tree?

  No one gave me the instruction manual for life.

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On Being Adopted

I have always known I was adopted. My brother is also adopted. My mother use to pull out a lock box from her closet, take out our adoption papers, and spread them over her bed. We’d all get on the … Continue reading

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Where Do You Go When You Die if You Don’t Believe in God?

I posed this question, which I found on Yahoo Questions, to some of my friends on Facebook. I got a couple of interesting answers, which made me think about the question   on a deeper level. It’s especially interesting since … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Massacre

I really dislike Valentine’s Day. It’s a holiday made up by greeting card companies in order to make more money. Just like Grandparents Day and Oh, Happy Winter Solstice Day. All of these are just another day. Unless you’re single. … Continue reading

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Mom’s Super Yummy Dinners!

Don’t those ribs look fabulous? We never ate anything like this for dinner. NEVER. My single Mom was not an attorney, doctor or actress much to our detriment. This meant meals were fixed according to her earnings, which weren’t bad. … Continue reading

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